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The 2018-2019 Parent Project

View of Student Union Building and fountain on the Mall at Truman State University
In celebration of Truman’s 150th Anniversary (1867-2017), the Sesquicentennial Plaza Renovation project is providing resources to update and maintain the University Mall that stretches between McClain Hall and the Student Union Building. The Mall received updates in the summer of 2015, and renovations to the Sesquicentennial Plaza are picking up where renovations to the Mall left off. The project  includes making additional improvements to the area directly in front of the Student Union Building. The 2018-2019 Parent Project will purchase and install outdoor furniture on the southeast side of the Student Union Building.

This space, which is a popular student area for eating, studying, and hanging out, provides the opportunity for parents to make additional improvements to the space in front of the Student Union Building and increase functionality for all students. This project also allows parents to participate in a meaningful, collective way with the renovation of the University Mall through the Sesquicentennial Renovation.

This historic project gives donors the opportunity to leave a lasting mark on Truman’s campus to commemorate their connection to campus while also providing valuable resources to update and maintain a highly trafficked area of campus. The renovations to the Mall are anticipated to be completed by Summer 2019.

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Emily Radkins GHG Scholarship (1)
It’s thanks to the aid that I have received that I can reasonably be able to study at Truman, or will be able to study abroad in a few years. I am so incredibly grateful that I was given the opportunity to receive this scholarship and to attend a wonderful university like Truman.
Emily R., Recipient of the Grace Hortense Greenley Scholarship