The plan listed below is designed to provide suggestions for sequencing your major courses, but there are also other ways to sequence most majors. This plan is meant to provide aid in early, provisional planning. Please consult with your academic advisor to make strategic academic decisions about which courses to take each semester.

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Sample Four Year Plan: Romance Languages (BA) with advanced proficiency in Spanish

FALL - Semester 1

SPAN 330: Spanish Grammar and Composition (WE)
FREN 120: Elementary French I
ENG 190: Writing as Critical Thinking
COMM 170: Public Speaking
MATH 156: College Algebra

SPRING - Semester 2

FREN 121: Elementary French II
ENG 238:
MATH 157: Plane-Trigonometry
Social Scientific

FALL - Semester 3

LATN 150: Elementary Latin I
FREN 220: Intermediate French I
SPAN 353: Introduction to Hispanic Literature (Spanish elective 1)
Physical Science

SPRING - Semester 4

SPAN 364: Spanish Phonetics and Phonology
FREN 221: Intermediate French II
Life Science
STAT 190: Basic Statistics

FALL - Semester 5

FREN 320: French Composition and Conversation
LING 315: Structure and History of Romance Languages
Aesthetic-Fine Arts

SPRING - Semester 6

FREN 325: Topics in French Culture
SPAN 362: Civilization of Spain (elective 2)
Junior Interdisciplinary Seminar (JINS) (WE)
Missouri Statute

FALL - Semester 7

ITAL 101: Elementary Italian I
Elective 3

SPRING - Semester 8

ROML 490: Romance Language Capstone Experience (WE)
HLTH 195: Lifetime Health and Fitness and HLTH 196: Lifetime Physical Activities

Spanish elective course options include SPAN 353: Introduction to Hispanic Literature, SPAN 360: US Latino Culture in Historical Context, SPAN 362: Civilization of Spain, SPAN 36: Latin American Civilization, and any 400+ Spanish course.

Additional elective course options include FREN 321: French Literature I, HIST 343: Ancient Rome, ITAL 101: Elementary Italian I, TAL 102: Elementary Italian II, ITAL 201: Intermediate Italian I, ITAL 202: Intermediate Italian II, LATN 151: Elementary Latin II, LATN 250: Intermediate Latin I, LATN 251: Intermediate Latin II, PORT 101: Elementary Portuguese I, and PORT 102: Elementary Portuguese II.

Department chair: please contact Jonathan Vieker with any updates to the plan above.

This is a sample course sequence to illustrate class offerings for this major. The Office of the Registrar is responsible for certifying completion of degree requirements based on requirements specified in Truman's Official Catalog.

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