Faculty & Staff

Dr. Beregovska's higher education began at Ivano-Frankivsk Oil and Gas Institute back in her home-country, Ukraine. She started her graduate education as a Muskie scholar at the University of  Missouri - Columbia in 2001 and earned M.A. degree in Economics in 2003 and M.A. degree in Statistics in 2010. She completed Ph.D. in Economics in 2015 at the same university.

Dr. Beregovska joined Truman State University in 2017. Before that, she taught introductory and undergraduate-level Economics courses at Mizzou, St. Louis Community College, and Columbia College, as well as different colleges and universities in Ukraine. At Truman she teaches both Statistics and Data Science courses to undergraduate students and Data Science courses to graduate/master's students. Her research interests are primarily in applied econometrics with focus on spatio-temporal statistical modeling. She has done research on economic development and regional economics.