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Ph.D., Anthropology, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Robert Bates Graber earned his bachelor’s degree at Indiana University, his master’s and doctorate at University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. After two years at Millsaps College, he came to Truman in 1981, where he taught through 2006, and remains as a scholar in residence. His books are A Scientific Model of Social and Cultural Evolution (1995), Meeting Anthropology Phase to Phase (2000), Plunging to Leviathan? (2005), Plutonic Sonnets (2008), and Valuing Useless Knowledge (1995, 2012). His most recent articles are “A Guttman-Based Approach to Identifying Cumulativeness in Chimpanzee Culture” (Cross-Cultural Research, 2012, with Dean De Cock and Michael Burton) and “Why Is Liberal Education So Incoherent?” (On the Horizon, 2013).