Faculty & Staff

BA, MA, Northeast Missouri State University; PhD, Bowling Green State University.

I teach a broad range of courses from the areas of literature, writing, and film. Particularly rewarding are classes in which both English & Creative Writing majors as well as students from other disciplines enroll. These include ENG 204 Creative Writing, ENG 206 Popular Literature, and ENG 280 Film Form & Sense. Over the past few years, I've developed two topics for the ENG 206 rotation: Fanfiction (primarily taught online in the summer) and Humor in Popular Lit. 

I occasionally teach ENG 358 Literary Genres: Nonfiction and ENG 418 Special Topics: Writing (Dys)function. I regularly work with English majors in their senior capstone course, ENG 498 English graduate students working on special projects, including master's theses.

My research projects typically investigate the relationship between cognition, emotion, and creative production, whether that be in the realm of writing, film, or television. I'm currently analyzing how rotoscope animation is in the Amazon original series Undone, focusing on how this form of animation reflects the main character's complex exploration of her own mental health and understanding of reality. 

Although I am now happily immersed in teaching and research, I'm also proud to have been the founding chair of the Department of English and Linguistics (2007-09) and the founding dean of the School of Arts and Letters (2009-12). I'm also honored to have been the first Faculty Mental Health Honoree (2018-19) and a recipient of the Walker and Doris Allen Fellowship (2005).

Two quotations are posted where I see them every day: "Work is love made visible" (Khahil Gibran) and "A day without laughter is a day wasted" (Charlie Chaplin). It is my constant desire to live out the wisdom contained in these words.