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Ph.D. Ohio University

Dr. Mark Hatala has been at Truman since 1994. He received a bachelor's in psychology and history from Miami University of Ohio, and earned both his master’s and doctorate in experimental psychology from Ohio University. In addition to being a professor, he has been a machinist, an opera usher, a serial entrepreneur, a bus driver, a DJ, a mall Santa, a publisher, a fry cook, a lead singer in a punk band, a market researcher, a financial planner, and a baseball umpire.  Dr. Hatala leads the Artificial Intelligence and Psychocryonics Lab and his current research interests include the science of memory and personality preservation, reminiscence with the elderly, slang intelligence, and mate selection in social networks. He is a member of the Midwestern Psychological Association, the Artificial Intelligence Foundation, and the American Association of University Professors.  He regularly teaches Experimental Psychology, History & Systems of Psychology, Evolutionary Psychology, Cognitive Psychology, Cognitive Science, and General Psychology.  Dr. Hatala is an avid backgammon, go, and cribbage player and enjoys time spent with his children, cats, and other sentient species.