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Dr. Gillette earned his B.S. in Economics from Idaho State University and his Ph.D. in Economics from Washington State University.

David Gillette has been at Truman since 1990. He holds a bachelor's degree in Business Economics from Idaho State University and a doctorate in Economics from Washington State University. His teaching interests include macroeconomic and monetary policy issues found in such courses as Principles of Economics, Money and Banking, Intermediate Macroeconomic Theory, and Public Choice Theory. His teaching of The Economics of Social and Policy Analysis reflects those interests, as does his current research in the area of the administrative state. He has organized visiting speaker lectures for Jo Anna Gray, Carolyn Clark, Thomas Parsons, Christopher Waller (twice), Arun Raha (twice), John Walker, William Anderson, Walter Block, Lawrence H. White, Nikolai Wenzel, Cortney S. Rodet, Laura E. Grube, Bayden Hilton, John Grider (twice), Daniel Jackson, Stanley Shelver, Nathan Seaman (twice), Christopher Edwards, James Bailey (twice), Derek Yonai, Russell Roberts (twice), Guido Hülsmann, Antony Davies (5 times), Randy T. Simmons (twice), Jennifer McDonald, Wendell Potter, Audra Redford, Angela Dills, Polina Vlasenko, James R. Harrigan (4 times), Romina Boccia, Roy Danks, Paul Wagner, Sue Thomas, Caroline Lloyd, Phillip Magness, William A. Barnett, Art Carden, Ryan Yonk, Phil Magness, and Thomas Hogan.