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Dr. Hsieh received her PhD and master's degrees in East Asian Languages and Cultures from the University of California-Los Angeles and a master's degree in History from the University of California-Santa Barbara. She received her bachelor's degree in History from the National Taiwan University. She did two-year postdoctoral research at University of California-Berkeley, and was a visiting scholar in the Women's Studies Program at Harvard University. Her current research interests include Chinese Chan (Zen) Buddhism and Buddhist nuns in imperial China. She has a chapter on "Images of Women in Ch'an Buddhist Literature of the Sung Period (960-1279)" in Buddhism in the Sung (University of Hawaii Press, 1999). Her paper "Buddhist Nuns in Sung China" is published in the Journal of Sung-Yuan Studies (SUNY) 30 (2000). She has also contributed a number of articles on Chinese Buddhism to the Encyclopedia of Modern Asia (N. Y.: Charles Scribner's Sons, 2002), Encyclopedia of Buddhism (N. Y.: MacMillan Reference, 2003), Berkshire Encyclopedia of China (M.A.: Berkshire Publishing Group, 2009), and Brill Encyclopedia of Buddhism, Vol. II (Brill, 2019). Her article "Poetry and Chan Gong'an:  From Xuedou Chongxian (980-1052) to Wumen Huikai (1183-1260)" is published in the Journal of Song-Yuan Studies 40 (2010).  She is a member of the National Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi.