Faculty & Staff

Candace Young has been at Truman since 1980. She holds a bachelor's degree from Columbia College and a master's and doctorate from the University of Missouri. Her teaching interests include American government, bureaucratic politics, and public policy. Her current research focuses on higher education and assessment of student learning, legislators' use of information, and the effects of term limits on the state legislatures. She currently serves as program chair for the American Political Science Association's Annual Conference on Teaching and Learning, as a member of the MDHE's Commission on Curriculum and Assessment, and as the Chair of the American Political Science Association's Study Group on Assessment.  Dr. Young has received several awards including Truman's Educator of the Year, the Governor's Award for Excellence in Teaching, the Walker and Doris Allen Fellowship, and the Faculty Leadership Hall of Fame. Dr. Young is a past-president of the Truman State Faculty Senate, the Missouri Association of Faculty Senates, and the Missouri Political Science Association.