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Managing Editor - International Journal of Criminal Justice Sciences

Curtis R. Blakely, associate professor, holds bachelor’s and a master’s degrees from the University of Nebraska, a specialist degree from the University of Central Missouri and a doctorate from Southern Illinois University at Carbondale.  Curtis has served as a probation/parole officer for the State of Missouri, as a classification specialist for the New Mexico Department of Corrections, and as a police training specialist for the Union Pacific Railroad Police Department and for Eastern Kentucky University's Regional Community Policing Institute/Department of Criminal Justice Training (DOCJT).  

Curtis considers himself a conceptual/theoretical criminologist specializing in interdisciplinary linkages.  To this end, he has written several books including Socio-Physics: Applying the Natural Sciences to Criminal Justice and Penology (Revised/Expanded Edition, 2017) and Socio-Physics: Applying the Natural Sciences to Criminal Justice and Penology (2016) each were co-authored with his wife Dr. Michelle Blakely (University of Wyoming); Prisons, Penology and Penal Reform: An Introduction to Institutional Specialization (2007) and America’s Prisons: The Movement toward Profit and Privatization (2005).  Additional publications include Asimov's Laws of Robotics and their Significance for the Prison co-authored with Dr. Michelle Blakely (IJCJS, 2018); What Podolsky, Einstein and Others Have Taught Me About Greatness (Socrates, 2016); Sub-Atomic Particles and Prisoners: A Novel Examination of Socio-Physics and Penology (IJCJS, 2011); Bio-Penology: The Protean Approach co-authored with former student Alice Walkley (L.A.E. Journal, 2010); and A Physicist, a Philosopher and a Politician: What Penologists can Learn from Einstein, Kant and Churchill also co-authored with Alice Walkley (IJC, 2010).

An article written by Curtis was cited in a legal brief argued before the U.S. Supreme Court and his insights into prison privatization were showcased in a London Times article.  He has also created a scholarly initiative that assists students to write for publication and has held elected positions with the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences and the American Correctional Association. Curtis currently volunteers with the Lint Center for National Security Studies and maintains close ties to Criminologists Without Borders.

Curtis has trained with the FBI, helped establish an internship program with the Secret Service's Electronics Crime Laboratory (South East Region), has worked with the national intelligence community and has provided instructional guidance to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police at their National Training Academy.  Curtis is the recipient of numerous honors including a commendation from the State of New Mexico for his capture of an escaped felon. 

Officials from the Federal Bureau of Prisons and the State of California have sought his advice on prison management and offender treatment. 

As a volunteer with the United Nations, Curtis has recently assisted in the completion of a report assessing prison condition in France and Belgium.

The Blakelys have donated items of scientific significance to the Einstein Papers Project (Caltech), Xavier University's Physics Department, the Niels Bohr Library and Archives, and the Great Library at Alexandria, Egypt.

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