Faculty & Staff

B.A in African Studies, Martin University; M.A. in Afro - American Studies, Indiana University - Bloomington; ABD in Diaspora Studies, Indiana Univerisy - Bloomington 

Originally from Indianapolis, Indiana, Carol Bennett joined the diversity & inclusion team in August 2014. She fell in love with the idea of teaching cultural diversity and social justice through a historical lens 16 years ago.  She has worked in higher education and since 1999. Through her academic studies and professional work Carol has been able to travel outside of the United States gaining knowledge of various cultural groups and encourage students to do the same.

Carol’s passions are in the field of cultural diversity, social justice and equity.  She is currently preparing herself for doctoral work in higher education.  She holds membership in the National Association Student Professional Administrators and is on the Statewide Collaborative Diversity Conference team state of Missouri.