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Dr. Bill Miller
Chemistry Safe Zone Ally

Spring 2024 - Office Hours

Monday 9:30am-10:20am, 2:30pm-3:20pm

Tuesday 8:30am-10:30am (Study Hall)

Wednesday 9:00am-10:20am (MG 3090), 2:30pm-3:20pm

Thursday 12:30pm-2:20pm

Friday 9:30am-10:30am, 2:30pm-3:20pm

Office hours will typically be held in MG 3128. In the event I am unable to be present in person, I will be available on Zoom at https://zoom.us/j/6607854622. 

Personal Pronouns: he/him


B.S. Chemistry (Summa Cum Laude), Truman State University, 2008

Ph.D. Chemistry, University of Florida, 2013

Post-doc fellow, University of Richmond, 2013-2015

Dr. Miller grew up in southwestern Missouri and attended Truman State for his undergraduate studies starting in 2004, and graduated from Truman State in May 2008 with a B.S. in Chemistry and a minor in Biology.

For his graduate studies, he attended the University of Florida in Gainesville starting in 2008 and worked with Dr. Adrian Roitberg. While at UF, Bill specialized in using computational methods (molecular docking, molecular dynamics, free energy calculations, etc) for drug design and discovery projects. His thesis project was an investigation to find potential drugs to competitively target the Trypanosoma cruzi trans-sialidase enzyme as a potential treatment for Chagas’ disease. He also helped in the development of the MMPBSA.py program used in Amber to calculate end-state free energies from molecular dynamics simulations. Bill graduated from UF in August 2013 with his PhD in physical chemistry.

Bill worked at the University of Richmond under the direction of Dr. Carol Parish and Dr. Eugene Wu from 2013-2015 for his post-graduate work. Along with helping mentor undergraduates and teaching general chemistry lab, Bill’s research focus was understanding the conformational changes that occur in Bacillus stearothermophilus DNA polymerase I.

In 2015, Bill started as an Assistant Professor of Chemistry at Truman State University (alma mater). He teaches primarily General Chemistry and Biochemistry courses within the Chemistry Department. He earned tenure and was promoted to Associate Professor in 2021. Bill now leads a very active research group at Truman State. The group's research primarily focuses on computational drug design and discovery as potential treatments for many common health disorders, such as HIV, cancer, COVID-19, Alzheimer’s disease, endometriosis, etc.

Personally, Bill is a husband and father of three kids. He primarily spends his leisure time watching sports and coaching his kids’ sports teams, and playing Pokemon Go.