Faculty & Staff

PhD Dalhousie University, MA and BA University of Alberta

Teaches early world history, history of witchcraft, English history, early modern Europe, European women's history, Reformation, research-designated courses, and senior seminar.

Dr. Brammall has been at Truman since 1997. She is professor of history and currently chair of the department. She recently retired as the managing editor of The Sixteenth Century Journal. She holds her bachelor's and master's degrees from the University of Alberta and a doctorate from Dalhousie University. Her teaching and research interests include medieval and early modern Britain and Europe, particularly the perceptions of abnormality and deformity in that period, as well as the history of women and the history of science. She also teaches world history for history majors and a number of campuswide courses in the Dialogues Curriculum. Dr. Brammall is a member of the American Historical Association, the North American Conference on British Studies, the Sixteenth Century Society, and the Renaissance Society of America.