Faculty & Staff

May, 2002 Ph.D. in Communication Sciences and Disorders, University of South Alabama

August, 1996, Bachelor of Music in Music Therapy.  Graduated summa cum laude. Florida State University.

Dr. Amy F. (Wilson) Teten began her professional career as a music therapist. After obtaining her credentials as a speech-language pathologist, she provided SLP services throughout the Omaha metropolitan area, including Midlands Hospital and various Skilled Nursing Facilities. She has taught at West Texas A&M University, Truman State University and University of Nebraska-Omaha, before returning to Truman's faculty in 2016.

Dr. Teten has special interests and expertise in medical speech-language pathology and adult populations (voice, dysphagia, motor speech disorders, dementia/aphasia, and augmentative communication).

Dr. Teten lives with her husband and 2 children in Kirksville. She enjoys antiques, dogs, cats, and all things Alabama.

Selected publications:

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