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Ph.D., Southern Methodist University

Amber Johnson has been at Truman since 2001. She received her bachelor’s degree at Rice University and holds master’s and doctorate degrees from Southern Methodist University. Dr. Johnson is a member of the Society for American Archaeology, and the American Anthropological Association. Her primary research interest is to explain similarities and differences in patterns of culture change around the world for the last 20-30,000 years.  Current research includes both recording information from the ethnographic literature on the organization in economy, technology, and material culture of contemporary societies and determining how to mark organizationally important changes in archaeological sequences.  Interested students are encouraged to participate in this research. Dr. Johnson teaches Anthropology of Gender, World Prehistory, occasional special topics courses, and sometimes New Majors Seminar or one of the Senior Seminars. She also enjoys teaching a JINS course on Human Impact on/ of Climate Change.