Why Understanding Intersectionality Makes You Better At Your Job, Session 3: How Can I Apply Intersectionality to My Work?

This free, catered lunch and learn event for faculty and staff will help you understand your students, colleagues and community at a deeper level.


A selection of faculty & staff Social Justice Fellows (http://diversity.truman.edu/sjfellows/) and guest speakers will explain, and then help you apply an understanding of, intersectionality to your work life here at Truman. Intersectionality is a way of understanding how our and others’ marginalized identities impact and color our experiences in the world, including our work with students. We will explore power and oppression, and how we can improve inclusion on our campus through having a better understanding of intersectionality.


Join us for first of this three-part series this Wednesday, November 14th from 12:30 to 1:30 pm in the Missouri Hall Chariton Room! Doors will open at noon if you would like to start eating lunch a bit early.


Attendance at all three events is not required; each builds on the previous, but is a stand-alone session. We look forward to seeing you there!


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