Vulnerability: A Call to Courage

On November 11th from 6:30pm to 8:30pm in VH 1000, Dr. Jennifer Hurst, in collaboration with the JED Campus committee, will be hosting Vulnerability: A Call to Courage. This event will include a screening of “A Call to Courage”, a Netflix documentary by Brene Brown that discusses what it takes to be courageous in getting out of our comfort zones in our culture today. Dr. Hurst discussed vulnerability as part of her Truman Week Lecture to the incoming freshmen class this past August and this event will build on themes discussed in that presentation. The documentary will be followed by a group activity and discussion, facilitated by Dr. Hurst, exploring participant’s experience of vulnerability here at Truman and how we create a culture on campus that supports vulnerability and personal growth for students, faculty and staff alike. All members of campus are invited to attend and are welcomed for the discussion. Faculty members or organizations who wish to incorporate the event into their classes or meetings are invited to contact Dr. Hurst for a short resource document that includes background on the original Truman Week Lecture and ideas for reflection prompts that can be incorporated into discussions or assignments. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Jennifer Hurst at