Truman Faculty Forum: the barn swallows research of Dr. Joey Hubbard

Save the time/date for the final Truman Faculty Forum of the 2020-2021 school year!

The Forum will feature the research of Dr. Joey Hubbard, Assistant Professor of Biology.

Dr. Hubbard’s presentation (and time for subsequent discussion with the audience) will take place via Zoom.  Here is the abstract for her talk:

Understanding the causes & consequences of plumage color variation in North American barn swallows
In North American barn swallows, Hirundo rusticate erythrogaster, ventral coloration is the target of sexual selection such that males with darker plumage experience higher reproductive success. Cross-fostering experiments demonstrate that plumage color, while heritable, is also impacted by environmental conditions during early development (i.e, while nestlings are still in the nest). Given its role as a sexually selected trait, we are investigating information that might be conveyed by this coloration. Specifically, my students and I are examining the role of nest temperature during both the incubation and brooding period on color development as well as hatching success and nestling survival. 

We look forward to seeing you there.

Sincerely, Truman’s Faculty Forum Committee