Tim Augustine: “The Power of Social Styles”

Take advantage of this incredible professional development opportunity with the hilarious and engaging Tim Augustine. Sponsored by Delta Sigma Pi, Alpha Kappa Psi, National Association of Black Accountants (NABA), and Beta Alpha Psi with FAC.

**7:30-9:00 January 29th Baldwin Hall Auditorium**

The Power of Social Styles: Respect Them Equally, Lead Them Differently:

“If there’s one thing to take with you out into the “real world” post-college, it’s this — there will be people that you’ll work with that don’t communicate the same way you do. Some will appear disinterested in relationships, some will rush to judgment, some will promise the world and not deliver, and some just want you to include them. Respect each of them equally, even when they don’t deserve it. But Lead Them Differently, because doing so will increase your (and their) personal effectiveness. Most of us have social tendencies or ‘styles’ that can be broken into one of four categories: Drivers, Expressives, Amiables, and Analyticals. So it stands to reason that if you communicate with and lead other people from your style alone, you are, at best, 25% effective in your interactions. In this Session, Tim will explore the different social styles we all encounter and explore effective best practices he uses in his own firm to work and lead others. This is a fun, high-energy session that will include a few “Ah ha” moments, a bit of moving and a lot of honest communication.”