Lunar Eclipse

A lunar eclipse is occurring Sunday evening (20th Jan. 2019). The eclipse should begin around 9:33 PM, but the Moon will be completely eclipsed only around 10.41 PM. The total eclipse ends around 11.43 PM, whislt the partial eclipse ends 12:50 AM (21st Jan 2019).

There is a special Observatory Open house Sunday evening (starting around 8.30 PM), and weather permitting, will go on through midnight. You should feel free to drive up to the Observatory to see the eclipse. PLEASE DRESS WARM, AND BRING WARM JACKETS/SWEATERS/BLANKETS etc — even a few minutes in close to or below freezing temperatures can be very unpleasant and dangerous. The ‘Stargazers’ will set-up telescopes and binoculars at the Observatory. Apart from looking at the Moon, we will point the scope to other interesting objects in the sky (star clusters, nebulae etc). Directions to the observatory can be found here: