Fall Directors’ Showcase of One-Act Plays

Join the Theatre Play Direction class for the showcase of one-act plays directed by theatre students.

presents the STREAMING of Seven One Act Plays as a part of the Fall Directors’ Showcase
Sunday, November 22nd, 2020 at 8:00 PM

Streaming link: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/fall-2020-directors-showcase-tickets-129630011855

Double Date

By: J. Holtham

Directed By: Ray Billedo

Nick: Jacob Highsmith

Irene: Gael Jenks

Pennie: Josie Wagner

“Nick’s date takes a turn when his past shows up to haunt him.”


The Brown Shoes

By: Julie Jensen

Directed By: Regan Boyd

Stage Managed By: Justin Sweeney

Steph – Meredith Murphree

Mark – David Tuttle

Deena – Addie Godsy

“One hot day, Steph sees two eight feet tall giants and decides to investigate”


I Can’t Think of It Right Now

By: Joseph Arnone

Directed By: Adam Brehob

Stage Managed By: Nina LaMar

Joan: Brynn Yarham

Marsha: Jamie Bridges

“One unlucky couple’s evening goes awry when neither of them can remember the name of that one Mel Gibson movie..”


Kill Me, Please!

By: Rhea MacCallum

Directed By: Courtney Klein

Stage Manager: Kelly Decker

Gloria: Emily Kemp

Stan: Will Griffin

Woman 1/ Jogger: Faith Nagel

Woman 2/ Dog Walker: Delaney Wehde

“It’s late at night. The street is deserted. A serial killer is on the loose. A young woman sits and waits. Expectantly..”


The Door

By: Paul Elliott

Directed By: Sav Scarbrough

Stage Managed By: Allison Creg

Grace: Kaitlyn Kelly

Justin: Ryan Fuemmeler

The Voice: Lukas Pierce

“Grace sits in her darkened apartment, refusing to answer the door”


Night Terrors

By: Wendy MacLeod

Directed By: Teegan Winkeler

Stage Managed By: Ann Rapp

Playwright 1: Anna Markiewicz

Playwright 2: Theresa Dawson

Dentist: Jacob Baxley

“A playwright suffers an existential crisis”