Directors’ Showcase of One-Act Plays

Join the senior theatre majors as they direct one-act plays as part of the Play Direction class.

Each night’s production is free and open to the public. No tickets are needed.

Thursday, December 7th

90 Days
by Elizabeth Meriwether
Directed by Julia Heath
A humorous staged phone call shows the first tentative steps towards fixing a relationship. It all started with tater tots and a failed excuse for a teapot.

Your Mother’s Butt
by Alan Ball
Directed by Lawrence Jennings
A story about the difficulty of therapy sessions, especially when your thoughts are littered with clothing and a dream of your mother’s butt.

The Craft
by Andrew Bliss
Directed by Gabe Stringer
Ever wondered what the actors are thinking?


Friday, December 8th

The Universal Language
by David Ives
Directed by Katie Angeli
A play about a young woman’s journey to learn the universal language of Unamunda, and her unintentional encounter with what may be true love.

The Wreck on the Five-Twenty-Five
by Thornton Wilder
Directed by Al Zerpa-Pita
In The Wreck on the Five-Twenty-Five, Herbert Hawkins questions the purpose of his own life through his “funny” fascination with potential destruction.

by Dan Dietz
Directed by Dakota Heer
Description: After their prom night goes nuclear, four high school students must discover a way to survive in the new world.


Saturday, December 9th

Ludlow Fair
by Lanford Wilson
Directed by Micaela Duing
While preparing themselves for bed, roommates Rachel and Agnes discuss their latest dating troubles of Rachel turning in her now ex-boyfriend for robbery and Agnes’ upcoming date with her boss’s disappointing son.

Daddy Issues
by Hillary DePiano
Directed by Melancholy Honigfort
On the way to a blind date, Amelia sees a strangely familiar face.

Manny and Jake
by Harvey Fierstein
Directed by Dylan Wilkinson
Manny has invited Jake to his apartment for a little rendezvous, but passion and a desire for love reveals self-doubt and a truth once locked away.