Directors’ Showcase of One-Act Plays

Please join the Theatre Department as the senior Play Direction class presents student directed one-act plays. Three of the plays will be presented each night.

“The Man Who Couldn’t Dance”
By: Jason Katims
Directed By: Julie Amuedo
Eric, Gail’s old boyfriend, visits for dinner and meets Gail’s baby. What ensues is a discussion about their past relationship, how they’ve come to where they are now, and why Eric can’t dance.

By: Laura Jacqmin
Directed By: Natalie Cohen
A couple fights to be together when more than just space separates them.

“Feeding the Moonfish”
By: Barbara Wiechmann
Directed By: Nick Frost
Two co-workers form an unlikely bond amid tragedy, hope and the talking fish.

“Dog Park or Sexual Perversity in Magnuson”
By: Dennis Schebetta
Directed By: Cat McMahan
It’s a dog eat dog world. Four dogs living life in Magnuson.

“Still Life”
By: Seth Kramer
Directed By: Amanda Morris
One year after a fire injures Michelle’s hands and destroys her artwork, David tries to help her cope and adjust.

“Please Have a Seat and Someone Will Be With You Shortly”
By: Garth Wingfield
Directed By: Julie Noringriis
Two almost strangers initiate an awkward conversation in their psychologist’s waiting room.

“The Future is in Your Tiny Hands”
By: Jonathan Rand
Directed By: Rachel Seabaugh
Kaitlyn Parker and Eddie Grantwood square off for the political debate of the century: student president of their elementary school.

By: Christopher Durang
Directed By: Cameron Smith
In an Off-Off-Off-Off-Off-Off-Broadway production of “The Trojan Women,” the cast become confused and find their way into actually performing the ancient story of Medea.

“On the Porch One Crisp Spring Morning”
By: Alex Dremann
Directed By: Joel Wilper
A mother and daughter sit on their porch sipping coffee, but shortly disclose that they are both actually assassins, and each has been hired to kill the other.