2023 Bulldog Forever Forum

The Bulldog Forever Forum (BFF) is an annual meeting that brings campus updates to the alumni community near and far. During this Zoom session, alumni can hear from alumni leaders as well as from the Truman campus community.

The 2023 Bulldog Forever Forum will consist of live virtual events, updates from campus as well as materials designed to support our volunteers. This year’s guest speakers include Jared Young (’10, ’11), Director of Academic Affairs Operations and Hayden Wilsey (’14, ’16), Associate Director of Marketing. We will also be joined by a panel of recipients of the Echo 25 award. In addition, the winners of the Denise L. Smith Volunteer of the Year, the Bulldog Forever Initiative of the Year and the Bulldog Forever Alumni Group of the Year are announced at the Bulldog Forever Forum. The Bulldog Forever Forum is hosted by the Chapter and Club Development Committee of the National Alumni Board.

Register to attend HERE.