Partnership Adds to Local Workforce and Economy

Source: City of Kirksville Press Release
January 9, 2023

Area partners in northeast Missouri are coming together for a unique pilot program that will create jobs and support the local economy.

In an effort to help Kraft Heinz meet workforce needs, the company has implemented a program to recruit employees through Hawaii and the American territory of Guam. This collaborative effort is designed to find permanent employees for Kraft Heinz.

“The Kraft Heinz plant in Kirksville has seen unprecedented economic success for several years now, and that growth has been fantastic,” said Kirksville City Manager Mari Macomber. “Because of already low unemployment in the region, Kraft Heinz and leaders in northeast Missouri are being proactive to meet workforce demands, and their efforts will contribute to continued economic growth.”

Representatives from Kraft Heinz are in Hawaii Jan. 7-14 for a recruiting event, seeking as many as 25 employees to relocate to Kirksville. New employees will be hired at the recruiting event before they are eligible to begin work in Kirksville. All new hires will be subject to the Kraft Heinz Global Code of Conduct, as well as all federal, state and local laws.

All of the individuals participating in the program are English speakers and have valid Social Security numbers. All of the recruitment territories are part of the Compact of Free Association, a longstanding partnership with the United States, meaning all of the new employees can legally live and work in the country.

“These citizens will live and work in our community and contribute to the local economy,” Macomber said. “They are seeking the American Dream, and if Kirksville can play a part in them achieving this dream, our community is better for it.”

Furthering the local partnership, Truman State University will provide transitional housing in a currently unused residence hall while the new employees secure living arrangements in Kirksville. Centennial Hall was taken offline this year and scheduled to receive partial renovations. A portion of the building will be utilized to accommodate the employees, and Truman will enroll all of the new employees in a one-credit course designed to familiarize them with the area and ease their transition to the community.

Kraft Heinz has been part of the Kirksville community since 1985. In 2016, the company announced a $250 million expansion project that added 200 jobs and seven new production lines to the facility.