COVID-19 Cases

Students (active/in isolation)Employees (active/in isolation)Recovered (released from isolation)

Updated May 4, 2021 at 3:02 p.m.

Numbers are coordinated by the Student Health Center in conjunction with county health departments and date back to mid-July 2020. Since most students and some employees are residents of other counties, the University’s count on this page may vary slightly from the count kept by the Adair County Health Department. Employees and off-campus students with positive tests are asked to isolate at home. On-campus students who test positive and are unable to return home are isolated in a single living space with a private bathroom. Anyone who returns home to isolate is still considered an active case among the Truman community until they recover, even if they are not on campus or isolating in Kirksville.

Case counts on this page will be updated by 5 p.m. every Tuesday. Since most students return home at the conclusion of the semester, COVID-19 cases will not be recorded on this dashboard by the University during the summer. The Adair County Health Department will continue to report and monitor the number of cases in the community, and Truman will resume its weekly dashboard updates when classes begin in August.