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Course Modality Options for Fall 2021

Online - AsynchronousThe course is fully online and students access content on their own at a time in the day of their choosing.
Online - SynchronousThe course is fully online, but students meet in real time, on a regular schedule, with their professor and peers via Zoom or a similar platform.
Fully on CampusAll students meet in a regular classroom setting at normally scheduled times.
Blended On Campus/OnlineA combination of face-to-face and online learning. This may include an arrangement where students rotate through the classroom on different days or weeks, or could involve a combination of synchronous or asynchronous activities depending on the circumstances of the course.
FlippedThe course is taught predominantly online, in an asynchronous format, but students are encouraged to periodically visit a classroom or laboratory space to work on problems, projects or group discussions The primary work of the course is done outside of class.
FlexibleThe course is intentionally designed to allow students to attend face-to-face or complete content online as it suits them, provided they meet the course objectives.
InternshipThe course grants credit for performing an internship off-site. The course is remote, but not considered an online course
PracticumThe course grants credit for participation in a training activity or co-curricular experience, such as in some health professions, student media, forensics, etc.
Clinical/Field ExperienceLearning is taking place completely or partially in a remote setting under the supervision of a professional, such as in Education or various health professions.