Time Line

When the Office of Citizenship and Community Standards is notified of a potential conduct code violation, the following steps will occur:

1.  The student will receive a letter via e-mail or in the mail notifying them of the violation.  The letter will contain  the hearing date, time and location for the student to discuss the incident.

2.   If the student is unable to attend the scheduled hearing time, please call the Student Affairs Office at 660-785-4111 to reschedule.

3.  Following any conduct hearing, the decision letter will be sent via e-mail or in the mail to the student.

4.  If the student is deemed “not responsible,” then all charges will be dropped and nothing will be placed on the student’s record.

5.  If the student is deemed “responsible,” they will then be subject to sanction(s) and the violation will be placed in the student’s disciplinary record. In cases of suspension or expulsion a notation will be made on the students academic record.

6. A  $100 administrative fee will be charged to the students account unless they pay the fee personally in the Office of Student Affairs prior to the 15th of the next month.