In each complaint in which a conduct hearing determines that a student or student organization has violated the Student Conduct Code, the sanction or sanctions will be determined in accordance with the rules of this Code. Following any conduct hearing, the decision will be sent via e-mail to the student’s University e-mail address or the United States Postal Service mail or hand delivered to the respondent and complainant, if applicable, to the last known address and will include a concise summary on the decision and recommendation of sanction(s), and information on the review process. Once mailed, such notice will be presumed to be delivered.

The following sanctions may be imposed upon any student or student
organization found to have violated the Student Conduct Code:
1.  Warning
2. Probation
3. Loss of Privileges
4. Restitution
5. Discretionary Sanctions
6. Educational Sanctions
7. Residence Hall Probation
8. Residence Hall Suspension
9. Residence Hall Expulsion
10. Interim Suspension
11. Limited Access on Campus
12. Interim Suspension of Participation
13. Recommendation for Charter Revocation
14. Revocation or Denial of University Registration/Recognition
15. Denial of Privilege to Re-enroll

To learn more about the Remedies and Sanctions, please visit section 8.110 of the Student Conduct Code.