Non-Gender Based Misconduct

Common forms of non-gender based misconduct that violate the Student Conduct Code include, but are not limited to:

  1. Acts of academic misconduct/dishonesty
  2. Taking property/property damage
  3. Providing false and/or misleading information and/or falsification of University records
  4. Unauthorized use of keys, and/or entry
  5. Misuse of computing resources through failure to comply with laws, license agreements, and contracts governing network, software, and hardware use
  6. University wordmark violations
  7. Disruptive conduct
  8. Violation of University policies
  9. Misconduct at University sponsored/related activities. Violation of University rules or regulations of a host institution sponsored/related activity
  10. Abuse of University conduct procedures
  11. Social Host – It is the responsibility of any student who hosts a visitor or guest on campus to ensure that the person knows and adheres to the Student Conduct Code and University policies
  12. Conduct that is obscene based on contemporary community standards.
  13. Personal abuse
  14. Abusive affiliation (hazing)
  15. Narcotics, controlled substances (including but not limited to marijuana), chemicals, and drug paraphernalia violations
  16. Alcohol violations
  17. Possession and/or use of a firearm and/or dangerous material
  18. Gambling is prohibited at activities or events arranged or sponsored by the University, on University premises, or sponsored by a student organization(s), regardless of location
  19. Instigation of or participation in activities that (a) unreasonably disrupts the normal operations of he University; (b) unreasonably infringes on the rights of other members of the University community; (c) obstructs or unreasonably interferes with freedom of movement, either pedestrian or vehicular, on University premises; or (d) which jeopardizes public order or safety
  20. Allegation of commission of felony or misdemeanor