Accepting Financial Aid and University Scholarships

If students submit a complete aid application by June 1, financial aid can be expected by the first day of classes.  Students who do not meet the June 1 deadline for a complete financial aid application are expected to pay their fees as billed, as their financial aid may not be available until later in the semester.

All financial aid funds (excluding Federal work-study and institutional payroll income) will be applied toward fees owed to the University before any funds are released to students.  If financial aid pays the account in full with funds remaining, and funds are not restricted to on-campus fees, the student will receive a refund for the excess aid (direct deposit if the student has signed up for this or a check mailed to the permanent address on file).

Federal regulations require that students borrowing through the Direct Loan program for the first time receive entrance counseling from the Financial Aid Office before the first loan disbursement can be released. Entrance counseling can be completed on the web at

Direct Deposit Refunds:  Students can have refunds direct deposited to their bank account as follows:

  1. Go to and log in,
  2. Click on Student Tab at the top,
  3. In the Student Finances section, click on Student Account Suite
  4. Click on the Refunds tab, click Set Up Account, enter your bank account information and save.

An e-mail will be sent to you any time that a refund is direct deposited to your account.

Students who do not sign up for direct deposit will have a refund check mailed to their permanent address on file.