Student Time Card Schedule

Non-Timecard Form and Electronic Timecard

2019-20 PaydayTime WorkedDue in PayrollDue to SupervisorDue to payroll
by 5pm onby 5pm onby 5pm on 
December 13November 2019December 3December 3December 5
January 15December 2019January 3January 3January 7
February 14January 2020February 4February 4February 6
March 13February 2020March 3March 3March 5
April 15March 2020April 2April 2April 6
May 15April 2020May 4May 4May 6
June 15May 2020June 2June 2June 4
July 15June 2020July 2July 2July 7
August 14July 2020August 4August 4August 6
September 15August 2020September 2September 2September 4
October 15September 2020October 2October 2October 6
November 13October 2020November 3November 3November 5
December 15November 2020December 2December 2December 4
Time PeriodCodesStart DatesEnd Date
Winter Interim 201920197012/15/1901/11/20
Spring 202020201001/12/2005/9/20
May Interim 202020202005/10/2005/23/20
Summer 202020204005/24/2007/25/20
August Interim 202020205007/26/2008/15/20
Fall 202020206008/16/2012/12/20
Winter Interim 202020207012/13/2001/9/21


*Fall classes start August 17 (Monday)
*Maximum hours Truman Transformation is 39

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