FAQ: Payroll Direct Deposit

Each payday the University will deposit your net pay directly into your checking or savings account at your financial institution. Direct Deposit is a safe and convenient way to receive your pay and has no costs to the employee.
All employees working for the University are required to be paid by direct deposit.
Yes. You may designate up to three (3) accounts to have your money deposited to.
The money will be available to you on payday; however, you may want to confirm with your bank before using any funds.
The authorization and any required bank information must be completed and processed in the Payroll Office, located in McClain Hall 105. However, DO NOT close your existing account until the first Direct Deposit has been received by the new bank.
Present your new account information to the Payroll Office, located in McClain Hall 105. After verification that the funds have been returned to the University’s bank, Payroll will then reissue the direct deposit to your new account. Reissues are completed each Thursday.
Direct deposit is available in US currency to US financial institutions only. You will need to make arrangements with your US bank to wire funds to you after you leave the US.
Once direct deposit is established with Payroll, you will not need to give your banking information to us again unless you change bank accounts.
Checking account and routing numbers are printed at the bottom of your personal check. If you are using a savings account for direct deposit or only have your debit card for reference, you will need to contact your bank for these numbers. Please note that the routing number on a deposit slip is not the correct routing number that is needed for direct deposit. Also, the number on your debit card is not your bank account number.Check - Routing Number and Account Number

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