Student Send-Off Events

New Student Send-Off Events Welcome New Students

Before students pack their bags and head off to their first year at Truman, our alumni chapters and clubs hold New Student Send-Off events around the country to welcome the students and their families. By bringing together incoming and current students, their parents, and local alumni, these events expand their network within the Truman community.

2019 New Student Send-Offs

What is a New Student Send-Off event?  A student send-off event consists of a group of alumni and parents of current students hosting a gathering of local high school students (who have been accepted at Truman State University) and their families where the incoming freshmen may meet current students and their parents.  This is a chance for them to exchange information and begin developing a contact group to help ease their transition from home to campus life.


For alumni, it’s a chance to meet and congratulate the students who will one day call Truman their alma mater. Alumni are able to reach out to the new students, recognizing their accomplishments that have brought them to the University and encouraging them to be an active member of the Bulldog community. The send-offs further the Truman Alumni Association’s goal by encouraging local chapter membership with both new parents and current students.

Parents get the chance to meet the Bulldog community in their area. Whether they are a Truman grad or not, parents are part of the Truman family and are invited to join their local alumni chapters! At the send-offs, parents can meet others from the who area also understand the excitement (and sometimes uneasiness!) that comes with sending a child to college. They get a chance to ask questions one last time before the fall semester begins.

Students, both new and current, are encouraged to attend the send-offs. The other students you meet will become your classmates and friends. Whether you hail from Kirksville or you’re traveling across the nation, it never hurts to know somewhere at Truman that understands what home is! Current students are involved in send-offs to not only get to know the new students, but to answer questions as well.

Do I need to RSVP? We really appreciate any and all RSVPs. Most chapters offer a meal or some kind of refreshments at the send-offs. Letting us know if you’re coming and who you’re bringing helps us plan better. Plus, the Alumni Association gives each incoming student a Truman shirt, so RSVPing with your shirt size ensures we will have one available for you!

What should I wear? Most of our send-offs are outdoors or in a community center; casual dress is fine. Be sure to check the weather before heading out to the send-offs!