Greek Life Housing

Greek Life fosters deep friendships for many students at Truman State University, and housing for sororities and fraternities provides a great opportunity for members to live together during their Truman experience.

Housing for Sororities

The five national sororities at Truman share the Brewer wing of Blanton-Nason-Brewer Hall, a residence hall on the Truman campus. Each sorority has housing and a chapter room within the residence hall.

Students are not required to move into their sorority’s wing upon accepting a bid, but are encouraged to live there during their sophomore year. Each sorority has their own process of how members are selected to live on the floor. Members are encouraged to talk to their executive board about their sorority’s procedures.

Sigma Chi Delta, our only local sorority, has an unofficial house off campus where many of their members live.

Housing for Fraternities

Several fraternities at Truman have houses:   Alpha Gamma Rho, Alpha Kappa Lambda, Beta Theta Pi, Delta Chi, Lambda Chi Alpha, Phi Kappa Tau, Phi Lambda Phi, Phi Sigma Kappa, Pi Kappa Phi, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Sigma Tau Gamma, and Tau Kappa Epsilon.