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  • Academic/Professional

    Organizations that are limited to students in a particular discipline. Emphasis is the knowledge, skills, and experience related to a particular field of study.

  • Campus Media

    Organizations that are affiliated with the university and provide media services for the campus.

  • Cultural

    Organizations that promote learning and awareness of different cultures.

  • Departmental Cocurricular Opportunities

    These groups or classes are based out of academic departments or university offices and have significant oversight by University faculty and staff. Students involved in these groups/classes work closely with university faculty or staff.

  • Faculty-Led Honor Societies

    These honor societies led by faculty. Students are invited to join based upon specific selection criteria.

  • Fee Based

    Organizations that are supported by the Student Activities Fee. *Due to the nature of  groups student organizations cannot charter under this category without a pre-approved fee from the Board of Governors.

  • Fine Arts

    Organizations that create an outlook for creativity and allow students to show off their aesthetic appeal to the University community.

  • Government/Political

    Organizations that represent student interests in various political ideologies

  • Greek

    Social organizations that are affiliated with Panhellenic Council, National Pan-Hellenic Council, or InterFraternity Council.

  • Health & Wellness

    Organizations that promote good health habits and work toward creating a desire to maintain a healthy life in society.

  • Honorary

    Organizations that cover one department or all departments. They contain a GPA requirement and focus on scholarship.

  • Recreational/Sports

    Organizations that compete against other schools or hold recreational activities.

  • Religious

    Organizations that relate to a particular religion and may hold religious services.

  • Residential Living

    Organizations that are limited to students living in Residence Halls. They include hall governments and provide educational and social activities for their members.

  • Service

    Organizations that mainly focus on providing service to the campus and community.

  • Special Interest

    Organizations that revolve around a particular activity or thought. They are not affiliated with a department, religion or athletics.