Phone Service

Residence Life can provide in room phones for you for only $100 for the whole year.  That is less than $11 a month including install!

You mean there’s not a phone automatically connected in my room?

Since the Fall 2007 semester, Truman no longer provides a room phone as part of the standard room and board fees for the Residence Halls and apartments.  Phones will be in lounges, computer areas, or laundry facilities.

So how do I get a phone line connected in my room?

If you wish to have phone service for an additional $100 annually in your room, simply indicate so on the Fall Housing Contract before the last week of July. If it is after the last week of July, and you wish to add or cancel your phone service, please submit a Phone Service Action RequestThis service must be cancelled prior to August 1 in order to receive a refund.  Residence Life DOES NOT provide telephone units for individual room use.

Why did Residence Life stop automatically putting phone lines in the rooms?

The decision to phase out phone service in the residence hall rooms was not made without several years of assessment. Ultimately, the decision was made when our survey data indicated that 90% of on-campus students were using their mobile phones as their primary means of communication. The decreased number of phone lines has allowed Residence Life to re-allocate a significant amount of money to better serve our on-campus residents.

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