Registration Dates Fall

Fall 2017 Enrollment Schedule

Currently enrolled, degree-seeking students may register for Fall courses beginning with the following times.  Students may register at or after the times shown, but not before.

Graduate Students Registration DateTime
0.00+ hours earnedMonday, March 277:00 a.m.
Undergraduate Students
140.0 + hours earnedMonday, March 277:00 a.m.
123.0-139.99Tuesday, March 287:00 a.m.
115.0-122.99Wednesday, March 297:00 a.m.
107.0-114.99Thursday, March 307:00 a.m.
97.5-106.99Friday, March 317:00 a.m.
88.5-97.49Monday, April 37:00 a.m.
80.0-88.49Tuesday, April 47:00 a.m.
72.0-79.99Wednesday, April 57:00 a.m.
63.0-71.99Thursday, April 67:00 a.m.
54.0-62.99Friday, April 77:00 a.m.
46.0-53.99Monday, April 107:00 a.m.
35.5-45.99Tuesday, April 117:00 a.m.
25.0-35.49Wednesday, April 127:00 a.m.
16.0-24.99Thursday, April 137:00 a.m.
0.00-15.99Friday, April 147:00 a.m.