Missouri Non-Resident Tax Credit

Truman offers non-resident students whose parents have permanent residence in a surrounding state, but work in the state of Missouri, a non-resident tax credit.

These students can qualify for a reduction in direct educational costs (tuition/enrollment fees only) based on the amount of income tax that the parent/guardian paid to Missouri for the most recent tax year. The largest amount that a student may receive as a credit equates to the difference between in-state and out-of-state tuition for that semester.

In order to qualify, parents or guardians of students need to send the Registrar’s Office their immediate past year’s MO-1040 Individual Income Tax Return-Long Form. You may mail, fax, or send this information as a pdf scanned via email to registrar@truman.edu. If you mail or fax this information, please include the student name and student identification number. If you send this information via email, only include the student’s full name or the student identification number, but not both.

The Registrar’s Office retains all tax documentation and sends eligibility to financial aid for processing. The Financial Aid office calculates the amount of the credit that will be applied. Please keep in mind that certain scholarships, loans, as well as the credit hours a student is enrolled in play a qualifying factor when determining the award amount.

Income tax credit for one calendar year may only be applied to the following academic year (Summer, Fall, Spring). For example, 2008 Missouri Income Taxes (which will normally be filed prior to April 2009) may be applied to Summer 2009, Fall 2009 and Spring 2010 semesters.

The deadline to qualify for this credit is the first day the semester starts. Tax forms must be received by this date. Any requests after this date will not be granted, and will not be applied retroactively for prior semesters.