Stakeholder Advisory Committee

Students/Student Government

  • Lucasana Barker, Sophomore/Biology
  • Brett Combs, Sophomore/Political Science and Communication

Faculty/Faculty Governance

  • Debra Cartwright, Business Administration
  • James D’Agostino, English and Linguistics

Staff/Staff Council

  • Michelle Boyd, Health and Exercise Sciences/Athletics
  • Billi Gordy, Academic Advising/Business

President’s Administrative Council/Academic Deans

  • Janet Gooch, Health Sciences and Education/Science and Mathematics
  • Charles Hunsaker, Advancement
  • David Rector, Administration, Finance and Planning

Foundation Board/Alumni

  • Mike McClaskey (‘85)
  • Matthew W. Potter (’96)

Kirksville Community, at large

  • Mari Macomber, Kirksville City Manager