Statistics Quick Facts

  • Degrees offered: BA & BS
  • Major offered: Statistics Major (Concentration options: Data Science, Theoretical, Applied)
  • Minors offered: Statistics MinorsStatistical Methods MinorActuarial Science Minor
  • Approximate number of students pursuing one of these minors: 144
  • Number of majors represented in the statistics minor: 12
  • Number of full-time faculty in Statistics: 9
  • Departmental student organizations: Society of Actuaries at Truman State University, Mathematical Association of America, Kappa Mu Epsilon

Major Concentrations

Develop statistical reasoning and computation skills.

  • Data Science: Use Technology to Analyze Big Data
    Understand fundamental ideas of information and data science.
    Explore interdisciplinary connections to real-world applications.
  • Theoretical: Understand Theory Behind Statistics
    Prepare for graduate school.
    Learn the logic of statistics with foundations in mathematics.
  • Applied: Solve Problems in Data-driven Areas
    Understand how data analysis solves real-world problems in applied areas.
    Complement study in a wide range of other disciplines (e.g., Psychology, Biology, or Business).

Minors Offered

Make your major better by adding a minor!

  • Statistics Minor
    Improve mathematical problem-solving abilities.
  • Statistical Methods Minor
    Enhance data analysis skills.
  • Actuarial Science Minor
    Prepare for a career in risk assessment.

Explore Outside the Classroom

  • Truman offers intense summer research with direct faculty mentoring. Statistics students have pursued research with Truman faculty in fields such as Mathematical Biology, Economics, Psychology, Exercise Science, and others.
  • Center for Applied Statistics and Evaluation (CASE): One of the few consulting centers in the nation staffed by undergraduates — work with clients on real problems in a consulting program.
  • Society of Actuaries at Truman: Belong to an actuarial organization.
    • Meet students interested in the profession.
    • Learn about requirements.
    • Prepare for professional exams.
    • Connect with prominent actuarial firms
  • Internships: Gain real world experience.

After the Degree

Pursuing a major in Statistics prepares you for graduate school as well as a range of careers in areas such as:

  • Actuarial Science
  • Agribusiness
  • Banking and Finance
  • Consumer Marketing
  • Data Science
  • Ecology & Environment
  • Economics
  • Environmental Sciences
  • Insurance
  • Medical Research
  • Medicine & Health
  • Politics & Government
  • Scientific Research
  • Sports
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