SOAN Quick Facts

  • Degrees offered: Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science
  • Majors offered: Sociology/Anthropology
  • Minors offered: Sociology and Anthropology
  • Approximate number of students pursuing one of these majors: 110
  • Approximate number of students pursuing one of these minors: 100
  • Full-time faculty members: 6
  • Students pursuing this major engaged in research: 100%
  • Departmental student organizations: Students for Social Change, Anthropology Club, Truman in Africa, Cultural and Societal Honor Society, Alpha Kappa Delta, and Lambda Alpha


  • Faculty members are professionally active at the local, state, national, and international levels of many prestigious organizations.
  • Faculty also regularly travel to study, conduct research, present at conferences, and, occasionally, take undergraduate students with them on their travels.
  • In recent years, faculty have traveled to western Europe, India, Argentina, Chile, Africa, Mexico, and South Africa.
  • Visiting Scholars: These scholars visit campus to consult
    with colleagues, deliver public lectures, and talk to classes.
    We facilitate interactions between our students and our
    visiting scholars by hosting receptions and dinners to
    foster casual interaction.
  • To learn more about our faculty, visit:


  • Receive a solid disciplinary foundation with integrated development of knowledge and skills, preparing you for a method and theory core and a chance to explore a wide range of special topics in upper level courses.
  • Complete a Senior Capstone experience which consists of a 2 semester sequence focused on preparation of applications to graduate school, jobs, and post-graduation internships, as well as polishing the product of an upper-level research experience or course to prepare for wider presentation and/or publication.
  • Our students’ scores on the Major Field Test in Sociology puts our program in the top 5-10% nationwide.

Beyond the Classroom

Undergraduate Research
Conduct research on campus, either with a Truman faculty member or as an independent research project.

  • Receive Grants-in-Aid of Scholarship during the school year, participate in the McNair Program, or become a part of the Tru-Scholars Research Program in the summer.
  • Attend regional meetings such as the Midwest Sociological Association and the Central State Anthropological Society to present your work.
  • Present research at national meetings like the National Council on Undergraduate Research, the Honors Program of the American Sociological Association, the Society for American Archeology, and at the American Anthropological Association.

Participate in internships, either part-time or during the semester. Stay in Kirksville, head to your hometown, or check out our internships abroad!

  • Previous internship sites include the Department of Family Services, the Northeast Missouri Community Action Agency, juvenile justice centers, Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA), hospice, organic co-operative farms, national parks, and historical museums.

Study Abroad
Choose from two credit-bearing trips sponsored by the department, or from 500 other programs in over 60 countries!

  • Globalization and Culture Change in Chile (CHI 401): Join a 4-week study abroad program during winter break. Become immersed in the culture of southern Chile’s archipelago of Chiloé with the direction of Dr. Daughters. Learn about the region’s ongoing cultural and economic changes through homestays with rural families and participant observation fieldwork.
  • Democracy and Human Rights in South Africa: Travel to Cape Town, South Africa in the summer for a 6-week, internship-based program. Gain 20 days of experience with different non-profit social service, medical, educational, and social justice agencies under the guidance of Dr. McDuff.

Departmental Student Organizations
Organize events to support your interests with the Anthropology Club and Students for Social Change.

  • Activities include trips to archeological sites and an annual Social Justice Week.
  • Majors who achieve high levels of academic success are also invited to participate in the Cultural and Societal Honor Society (for both Anthropology and Sociology), Lambda Alpha (the national Anthropology Honor Society), and Alpha Kappa Delta (the national Sociology Honor Fraternity).
  • Earn Departmental Honors for your academic achievements and active engagement in the discipline outside of the classroom.

After the Degree

  • 60% of graduates attend graduate school. Some recent institutions include the following: University of Missouri Arizona State University, University of Connecticut, University of California – Santa Cruz, University of Alabama, University of Wisconsin-Madison, and Washington State University.
  • Alumni have pursued graduate level programs in the following areas: Anthropology PhD, International Relations PhD, Sociology PhD, Doctor of Jurisprudence, Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine, Master of Social Work, Master of Arts in Education, Master of Arts in Museum Studies, Master of Arts in Counseling, and Global Public Policy.
  • Find employment like fellow graduates in: AmeriCorps, Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Passport Office, United Way of Iowa, Los Angeles Food Bank, Lake Mead Law Enforcement, Conflict Analysis at Husch, Blackwell, Sanders, Liberty Public Schools, Maguire Law Associates, US Peace Corps, and Ministry of Finance in Malawi.
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