Field School: Utah

Archeological Field School at Range Creek Canyon, Utah

Field School Chantae RudieChantae Rudie ’11 spent the summer of 2009 at an Archeological Field School at Range Creek Canyon, Utah sponsored by the Department of Anthropology at University of Utah and the Utah Museum of Natural History to learn modern archaeological field and lab techniques in an ongoing field research program.

Chantae studied prehistoric Fremont Indian sites. She states, “I went because I wanted to decide if field work was really something I wanted to do. I learned a lot about archaeology, and had a lot of fun. I learned basic field methods, participated in survey work, helped record new sites, and worked in three excavation trenches. Something I didn’t expect was the volume of the notes taken each day; nobody tells you about that part of archaeology. I learned to sketch maps, keep a field journal, the importance of knowing the local environment and history, and many practical skills that are useful to archaeologists.”

Chantae also learned to identify artifacts, even when they were covered in dirt. She states, “One of the most rewarding feelings was to be able to recognize and pull out flakes as small as the nail on my little finger when sifting through a screen full of rocks and dirt.” She says the experience was hard work, but that each day was a new experience.