Philosophy & Religion Quick Facts

  • Degree offered: Bachelor of Arts
  • Major offered: Philosophy & Religion
  • Minor offered:  Philosophy & Religion
  • Approximate number of students pursuing this major: 46
  • Approximate number of students pursuing this minor:  43
  • Faculty members who have a terminal degree in the field: 100%
  • Full-time faculty members: 9
  • Departmental student organizations: Philosophy & Religion Club, Art of Living Club and Students for Middle East Peace


  • The Philosophy & Religion Department includes 9 full-time faculty members, all of whom hold a PhD degree in their respective fields from prestigious schools such as the University of Chicago and Princeton University.
  • Learn more about the faculty at


  • Receive a Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree or a minor in Philosophy & Religion.
  • The Philosophy & Religion major is flexible. Almost half of your peers in this program will be double majors!
  • Gain a great complement to pre-professional programs, especially in Education and Health Sciences – fields in which Truman’s Philosophy & Religion majors regularly find jobs after graduation.

What Makes Philosophy & Religion Students Distinctive?

  • Writing
    Develop strong, clear, persuasive writing skills and demonstrate critical thinking. Leave with writing skills applicable to any kind of employment you wish to pursue – an essential qualification that will give you an edge over most other candidates for a job.
  • Research
    Work closely with one or more faculty members on a research project, Multiple presentation opportunities exist locally and nationwide for student work.
  • Honors
    Get recognized for your academic achievements, including:

    • The Rhodes Scholarship: In Fall 2009, Truman was honored with its first Rhodes Scholar, Philosophy & Religion major Andrew McCall.
    • The Fulbright Scholarship
    • Phi Kappa Phi
    • Phi Beta Kappa
    • Theta Alpha Kappa: the undergraduate theological and religious studies honors society

After the Degree

  • 95% of Philosophy and Religion graduates seeking employment are employed.
  • 43% of our graduates pursued or are pursuing a graduate degree in religious studies or theology.
  • 66% of our graduates pursued or are pursuing a graduate degree outside of religious studies (PhD in philosophy, law degree, MBA, etc.)
  • Graduate School
    Enroll in any number of the top graduate programs in the country, including the University of Chicago, Vanderbilt University, Princeton University, Duke University, McGill University, and Georgetown Law. Prepare for studies not only in philosophy, theology, and religious studies, but also in fields as diverse as information science, chemistry, physics, library science, and music. Majors report entering graduate school far more prepared than most of their peers in the same programs.
  • Law
    Receive an ideal preparation for the analytic and argumentative environment of the law profession. A recent survey states that the top major being admitted to law school is philosophy!
  • Education
    Want to teach elementary or high school? Transition fluidly into Truman’s Master of Arts in Education program, with specializations in English as a Second Language (Philosophy & Religion graduates have taught in France and China), Special Education, and Music Education.
  • Health Professions
    Find opportunities in one of the fastest-growing fields of employment, working in nursing, hospital administration, elder care, and community health.
  • Ministry
    Interested in religious outreach and education? Some graduates seek seminary degrees at such schools as Columbia Theological Seminary, Covenant Theological Seminary, Denver Seminary, Duke Divinity School, Princeton Theological Seminary, University of Chicago Divinity School, and Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, and have worked as pastors, chaplains, and youth ministers.
  • Non-Profits
    Build values and skills that naturally lend themselves to work in non-profit organizations. Find positions in non-government organizations in the Middle East, the Missouri Historical Society, the Peace Corps, grants research, community theater, intentional/sustainable communities, and state government – just as recent Truman Philosophy & Religion interns did.
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