Transcultural Experience in Philippines

Nursing Major at Truman State University
Syllabus: Transcultural Experience in the Philippines

|also see Syllabus: Nursing Experience in the Philippines|

Course Description:

This course will be conducted in the Philippines and will focus on cross-cultural differences between the students culture and Philippine culture. The specific context of culture will focus on communication patterns and health care systems in the Philippines. Experiences will be based on caring communication across cultures. The course will include lectures and practicum experience. There will be tours of health care facilities. Insight into the Philippine culture will be gained by visiting major historical sites, recreational facilities and practicum experiences interacting with Filipinos and their families. This course is intended to meet the LSP requirement for the Intercultural Interconnecting Perspective.

Class size: 6 students per section


-Concurrent enrollment in Nursing Experience in the Philippines.

(*There is NO LANGUAGE REQUIREMENT. Most Filipinos speak English quite well)

Date: To be determined

Course Credit and Requirements: 3 LSP credit hours (Intercultural Interconnecting Perspectives) (31 didactic hours & 38 practicum hours) & 2 Nursing credit hours (NU 445).

Mariquit Hadwiger R.N., M.S. Assistant Professor of Nursing
Stephen Hadwiger PhD, R.N. Associate Professor of Nursing

Goals for the course:

1. Develop a greater understanding of cultural diversity through the examination of one’s own and Filipino cultures. (LSP Objective)

2. To explore the political and social ends of culture as manifested by utilization of the health care systems in the Philippines. (LSP Objective)

3. To experience caring and communicating with Filipinos from a Transcultural perspective.

4. To explore the ethnohistory and value systems behind Filipino cultural beliefs and social behaviors.

Expectations of Nursing Students:

Participation in all pre-trip classes is essential.

-Cultural Self-Assessment (5 page paper)

-Cultural Domain Presentation (20 minutes)

Practicum Expectations:

-Journal entry for each practicum experience.

-Cultural Assessment of a Filipino. (5 page paper)

-Participation in each practicum experience.

Group Project: All participants of the Transcultural Experience will develop, as a team, a poster/video/oral presentation of their experiences for faculty, classmates, and the Truman State University community.

Required Texts:

Giger, J.N., & Davidhizar, R.E. (1999). Transcultural nursing: Assessment and intervention (3rd ed.). St. Louis: Mosby.

Recommended Text:

Enriquez, V.G. (Ed.). (1986). Philippine World-view. Singapore: Institute of Southeast Asian Studies.

Articles as specified by the faculty.

Internet Resources of the Philippines: (Philippine History Page)

Grading Criteria:

The following areas will be evaluated:

1. Personal cultural assessment

___________ 15%

2. Presentations of cultural domain topics

___________ 20%

3. Cultural Assessment of a Client

___________ 20%

4. Practicum journal entries

___________ 15%

5. Presentation to the university community

___________ 15%

6. Accountability

___________ 15%

Total: 100 %