Nursing Experience in Philippines

Nursing Majors at Truman State University
Syllabus: Nursing Experience in the Philippines

|also see Syllabus: Transcultural Experience in the Philippines|

Course Description:

This course will be conducted in the Philippines and will focus on the nursing practice, health care systems, and baccalaureate nursing education in the Philippines. The areas of nursing practice that will be focused are Medical-surgical, Pediatric, Obstetric and Community Health Nursing. Experiences will be based on caring communication across cultures. The course will include lectures and actual clinical experience. There will be tours of health care facilities in different settings of nursing practice.

Class size: 6 students per section


– Completion of Junior level nursing courses.

– Concurrent enrollment in Transcultural Experience in the Philippines.

(*There is NO LANGUAGE REQUIREMENT. Most Filipinos speak English quite well)

Date: 3 weeks (late May through early June)

Course Credit and Requirements: 2 credit hours: NU 445 credit. (29 didactic hours & 58 clinical/lab hours)

Mariquit Hadwiger R.N., M.S., Assistant Professor of Nursing
Stephen Hadwiger Phd, RN, Associate Professor of Nursing

Goals for the course:

1. To explore nursing practice in the Philippines.

2. To experience caring and communicating with patients from a Transcultural perspective.

3. To work with clients experiencing illness conditions and communicable diseases more likely to be associated with tropical environments.

4. To work with Filipino mothers during labor & delivery and with neonates and their mothers during the post-partum stage.

Expectations of Nursing Students:

Participation in all pre-trip classes is essential.

– Communicable Disease Presentation (20 minutes)

Clinical Expectations:

– Preclinical preparations for each clinical experience

1. nursing care plan (concept map)

2. review of Procedures

3. review of assigned patients

– Journal entry for each clinical rotation.

Adhere to Standard Precautions for Infection Control according to the policy of theĀ  Truman State University Nursing Program.

Clinical uniforms according to the agreement with the overseas school of nursing.

– Participation in each rotational post-conference.

Clinical Experiences: Students will be rotated in OB/DR, Pediatrics, Nursery,Medical-Surgical and Community Health Nursing.

Case Study: Each student will develop a case study (5 page paper) of one client and family based upon a trans-cultural model and present the case study to the accompanying peers near the end of the course (Nursing Experiences Seminar).

Required Texts:

Giger, J.N., & Davidhizar, R.E. (1999). Transcultural nursing: Assessment and intervention (3rd ed.). St. Louis: Mosby.

Heymann (Ed.) (2004). Control of communicable deseases manual (16th ed.). Washington, D.C.: American Public Health Association.

Articles as specified by the faculty.

Grading Criteria:

The following areas will be evaluated:

1. Presentation of the Communicable disease topic ___________ 20%

2. Case study ___________ 20%

3. Nursing Care Plans (4 clients) ___________ 20%

4. Clinical journal entries ___________ 20%

5. Accountability ___________ 20%

Total: 100 %