Choral Audition FAQ

What should I do to prepare for my audition?
Practice a prepared song (memorized is recommended)

What kind of song should I prepare?
An art song, aria, or folk song is appropriate. If you have been taking voice lessons or have taken a vocal solo to contest, one of these pieces will likely be a good choice. Always choose a song that you are comfortable with.

For students without an appropriate song or sheet music, you may sing “America the Beautiful” (copies available outside OP 1368).

Should I bring music from home?
Yes, please! But I also have lots of music available, so please ask for a specific piece if you do not have it.

What happens during the audition?
You will:

  • sing your prepared song
  • perform vocalizes up and down in your range
  • sing back melodies played on the piano (tonal memory patterns)
  • sight-read a short musical example

What do you listen for in the audition?
Mainly, we listen for the vocal and musical qualities of your singing. Of course, we pay attention to specific qualities, such as vowel color, intonation, sense of rhythm, quality of singing in different parts of your range, and so forth. See the audition form for our rating scale.

On the audition day, what should I do?

  • warm-up your voice before the audition; practice rooms are available on the second and third  floors of Ophelia Parrish (OP)
  • arrive at the audition 10 minutes before your audition time (outside OP 1368)
  • when you arrive (or before you arrive), fill out an audition form
  • try to relax and enjoy your singing. Remember that the audition is a placement audition—do your best, and we will find a good place for you to sing at Truman!