Pre-Law Handbook

Pre-Law Handbook

Getting Advice and Information About Law School

Truman’s Pre-Law Handbook, originally published in paper form in the late 1980s, was adapted to the internet in 1997. We feel it covers good ground for Truman students interested in law school, but we recommend that you read widely for two reasons. First, one website may not answer all of your questions, and you may stumble across something new. Secondly, you may find yourself reading the same stuff again and again—and that is useful in telling you that the information is widely agreed to be accurate. This can be useful especially in areas where you have doubts about the advice you are receiving.

Law School Admission Council: This is the formal page of the LSAC, the group that administers the LSAT and the group you will be through in applying to law school. They have some very good general advice about careers in law, undergraduate preparation, and selection of law schools.. They have also added a number of helpful sections such as a database to allow searching law schools, based upon your profile. All students considering law school should start here.

Rice University’s Pre-Law Page

Findlaw.Com: Law School Resources

Wehrli’s Internet Legal Resource Guide with links to many prelaw sites. The author graduated Boalt law school, so its from a “been there, done that” perspective. Note title, so it may not be for everyone, but it does have a section on personal statements.

• The Princeton Review: The Review offers LSAT review services, but their website offers a much more comprehensive overview of the LSAT and of law school. Ditto with Kaplan, although with Kaplan you must look a little harder for the “free advice.” both are for profit businesses that want to sell you something.