Mock Trial Team

Mock Trial Team

Students from any major are invited to join Truman’s Mock Trial Team.


The Truman Mock Trial Team mission is to provide its members a better understanding of the justice system, foster critical thinking skills, enhance the ability to communicate, build teamwork, and represents Truman State University at a national level of intercollegiate competition. The Team’s goal is to build teamwork and successfully represent Truman State University in competition sponsored by the American Mock Trial Association.

Mock Trial Team

Truman State University’s Mock Trial Teams consist of six to eight students (three taking the roles of attorneys, three taking the roles of witnesses, and two alternates, if desired). Schools may enter up to four teams in the Regional Tournament competition which take place the last weekend in January and the first four weekends in February. A limit of two teams per school may qualify for the National Tournaments.

Teams must argue both sides of the case, although the same students need not be attorneys for both sides. Each team will try the case four times during a tournament, twice on each side. Each team should be educated by a faculty member and/or an attorney. Your designated “coach” will receive all case materials, tournament rules, and your regional tournament assignment.


The undergraduate mock trial program originated with Richard M. Calkins in 1985 while he was the dean of Drake University Law School. The idea was to give undergraduate students an opportunity to learn firsthand about the work of trial attorneys, understand the judicial system, develop critical thinking and enhance communication skills. At the first tournament, held in Des Moines, Iowa, twelve teams from eight colleges and universities competed. The Mediation Tournament is now fully a part of the American Mock Trial Association.