Justice Systems Quick Facts

  • Degree offered: Bachelor of Science
  • Major offered: Justice Systems
  • Minors offered: Justice Systems & Forensic Science
  • Approximate number of students pursuing this major: 150
  • Approximate number of students pursuing this minor: 98
  • Full-time faculty: 4
  • Part-time faculty: 4
  • Departmental student organizations: Alpha Phi Sigma, Lambda Alpha Epsilon and Mock Trial


  • Justice Systems faculty have experience in policing, corrections, offender treatment, forensic science, juvenile justice, prosecution, and courts-martial.
  • Our diverse faculty have received their degrees from both private and public institutions.
  • Faculty members are professionally active at the local, state, and national levels. For example, they are or have been members of:
    • Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences
    • The American Corrections Association
    • American Society of Criminology
    • Board of Directors of the Midwest Innocence Project
    • The Missouri and Adair County Bar Associations
    • Missouri Association of Crime Lab Directors
    • Missouri Juvenile Justice Association
    • The National Coalition of Juvenile Justice
    • The National Gang Survey Advisory Board
    • Western Society of Criminology


  • Justice Systems is the name of Truman’s criminal justice program. The name connotes our liberal arts and sciences mission, to cultivate integrity, critical thinking, and skill in problem-solving, writing, and speaking. Receive great preparation for graduate school and leadership positions.
  • Be provided with a solid disciplinary foundation with integrated development of knowledge and skills feeding into a method and theory core. Explore a range of special topics in upper level courses.
  • Interact in courses that have less than 35 students; the average class size is 25 students.

Beyond the Classroom

  • Compete at local regional and national levels as part of the Mock Trial Team sponsored by the American Mock Trial Association.
  • Compete in academic, physical agility, crime scene investigations, and marksmanship competitions at regional and national conferences with the Justice Systems chapter of Lambda Alpha Epsilon.
  • Engage with visiting professionals in the field, visit prisons, and sponsor charitable events through the Truman chapter of Alpha Phi Sigma, the national honor society for students of criminal justice.
  • Receive LSAT test preparation, and weekly activities including local and out of town guest speakers in the Pre-Law Club.
  • Help host the annual Court of Appeals for the Western District of Missouri on Truman’s campus.
  • Conduct undergraduate research on-campus, either with a Truman faculty member or as an independent research project. Present at regional and national conferences with faculty.
  • Are you highly motivated? Propose and even teach a course in your area of interest under the guidance of a faculty member through a Student Initiated Course.


  • Some of the best internship opportunities can be found in your hometown police department, Public Defender’s office, prosecuting attorney’s office, juvenile centers, and drug rehabilitation centers.

Facilities and Technology

  • Our teaching laboratory is adjacent to a functional crime lab equipped for chemical analyses, latent print work, and microscopic examination.
  • A student-centered area near the department offices
    includes an open computer lab and a study area
    with tables and chairs where students and faculty can
    gather, study, and socialize.

After the Degree

  • Approximately 40% of our graduates attend graduate or law school and the other 60% enter the work force.
  • Pursue graduate level programs like: Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville, St. Louis University, University of Missouri-Columbia, University of Missouri-St. Louis, and Western Illinois University.
  • Join alumni who are employed at the following entities: Kansas City Police Department, Mark Twain Behavioral Health, Missouri Highway Patrol, Preferred Family Healthcare, St. Louis County Police Department, Target, and U.S. Army.
Justice Systems Quick Facts Brochure
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